February 16, 2018

GE Café CFE28TSHSS Refrigerator

GE Cafe CFE28TSHSS Review – Consumer Reports

Bottom line

In the presented report the GE Café CFE28TSHSS can be regarded as one of the most feature-laden refrigerators. The ability to dispense hot water for coffee or tea offered in the fridge gives you an opportunity to save your kitchen space and throw away the teapot. And this is just the beginning of the huge list of whistles and bells. Another thing that will impress you even more is top-notch performance of the GE Café fridge.



Hot boiled water from the fridge. Saying that GE Café CFE28TSHSS is full of bright features is to say nothing and underestimate the item. Most of the appreciation is paid to the ability of the fridge to dispense warm up to boiling hot water, still, it is not the bounder. The water dispenser has another feature that is even more useful, such as a Precise Fill that dispenses the accurate amount of liquid you need. Moreover, you may upload pictures to the touchscreen and use them any time you want or even show them to your friends in a slideshow style. A drawer that can be pulled full-width can be set to the certain temperature independently which makes it a perfect variant for your drinks, deli products or meat. Colorful lights help you to organize the food in your fridge and are also aimed at reminding the owner of the selected setting. Other features include on-door digital control, twin crisper, a door alarm, a through-the-door ice dispenser, LED interior lighting, etc.

GE Café CFE28TSHSS Operating

Nearly perfect. Professional testers at Reviewed.com fought to find something wrong in the work of the GE Café CFE28TSHSS, but failed as the performance of this refrigerator is close to perfect, says Matthew Zahnzinger. The only minor drawback is poor operation of the bottom freezer compartment while it is set to zero degrees. Nevertheless, the temperature stability is excellent. But if you want to avoid freeze burns of your food, you need to turn the freezer temperature down a degree or two, and it will perform perfectly then.

Consumer Reports GE Cafe Refrigerators

GE Cafe CFE28TSHSS Usability

Nice touches all around. No complaints were noticed on this score so far. The interior is airy and versatile; the fridge contains such options like drop-down trays that allow storing tall products and give extra storage as needed. The water dispenser container is tall, and its foundation can move slightly to support big things. The touchscreen is responsive and rather intuitive to use, according to the Reviewed.com.


Good looking. Being 35.75 inches wide and 36.25 inches deep the GE Cafe CFE28TSHSS cannot be a perfect choice for small kitchens. Still, if your kitchen is spacious and roomy enough, this French door fridge will add to your interior and impress your guests. Several users still complain about the design of the handles that have a coarse rather than smooth feel.

Consumer Reports Samsung Refrigerators

Samsung RH29H9000SR Review – Consumer Reports

Bottom line

Samsung RH29H9000SR, 28.5 cu. ft. is known as one of the largest side-by-side fridges on the market. The experts say it is energy-efficient, quiet, and holds its temperature perfectly. The door-in-door design creates the sign of visual attractiveness and is ultimately practical if you want to have limited shelf adjustment that is allowed by this refrigerator.


Samsung Qualities

Door-in-door, and even more. The main point of Samsung RH29H9000SR that attracts everyone’s attention is a glass door within the door. When you open the outer section’s door, the major part of the products will look pretty good behind the layer of the inner glass door, while you can use two pull-out bins which make it easy to reach the most-used products. Storage is also quite practical, but still there is one exception: the locations of the pull-out bins are fixed and limited with the interior shelf adjustment. A few other positive features of the fridge include external water and ice dispenser, LED lighting and digital controls. Besides that the Reviewed.com says that the fridge together with freezer compartments has an alternative shelf slot, so there is no need for adjustable slots on the doors.

Samsung RH29H9000SR

Samsung RH29H9000SR Operating

Great all-around performance. The Samsung RH29H9000SR is said to get the best scores for noise level and energy efficiency. Concerning the temperature performance, feedback differs. Some users rate it as very good, others – as awful. DigitalTrends.com highlights that the refrigerator had troubles keeping a set temperature, but also notes that at this time the door got opened and closed each half an hour. In other conditions the performance of the fridge is claimed to be better. The fridge is highly appreciated by Reviewed.com, though it hates the crispers. The users there found a rare level of temperature consistency: RH29H9000SR fridge managed to cool products down to 37ºF, and the freezer held the temperature constantly lower than 0ºF. Another review says about the temperature control using the word “solid”.

Ease of use

Does this concept offer a gimmick? Matthew Zahnzinger from the Reviewed.com was concerned about that when he saw the fridge on a trade show for the first time. He decided there was no reason to worry because after a week of having it he had found it easier to get the fresh products he needed. Both Samsung RH29H9000SR compartments are deep and narrow like in every side-by-side fridge, so there may be some difficulties to access the food that is located somewhere in the back. The alternative way out was found in the dividers and drawers, ample array of shelves that help to keep things organized. The control panel is located on the door, so it is extremely easy to use it.


Samsung RH29H9000SR Appearance

Perfect from the inside-out. The stainless-steel exterior that is offered here gives the RH29H9000SR an extravagant look and appears to resist smudges better than typical stainless steeled fridges, notes the Reviewed.com. The LED lighting function shows off the inside containers of the fridge nicely, even if they are hidden behind the glass door. Lots of shelves and bins are also stainless steel trimmed. Being approximately 36 inches wide and 35.25 inches deep, the high capacity of this fridge may be viewed as its drawback.

Consumer Reports LG Refrigerators

LG LDC24370ST Review – Consumer Reports

Bottom line
Rated as a top performer by professional experts and reviews of thankful users LG LDC24370ST will present you solid and quiet performance. The fridge lacks some conveniences like water dispensers and through-the-door ice, though it contains a built-in ice maker. The absence of dispensers reduces some options in the refrigerator, but increases usable capacity which is so much appreciated by a number of users. The company offers a stainless steel model, though a smooth white version is also possible.


LG LDC24370ST Features
Spacious fridge and freezer. Buying the LG LDC24370ST you will get as much space as large families might need. The doors are filled with storage bins of different sizes and capacities and glass shelves that offer lots of new and useful options. Besides that, a full-width bin for big trays and two crisper compartments are presented in this version as the plus for people who love parties and entertainments at home. It was already mentioned that water or ice dispenser is not installed in the fridge, though, a built-in ice maker is offered instead. Another useful option is the digital temperature control as well as an alarm that works if the door stays open for a long period of time.

LG LDC24370ST Refrigerator Performance
Keeps its cool. The results of the tests claim that LG LDC24370ST refrigerator is not the best item regarding constant temperature maintenance in the fridge and freezer at the same time. This refrigerator is Energy Star certified and energy efficient. We saw a few users’ comments stating that the icemaker created a lot of noise, though most customers agree that the overall noise control is excellent and the fridge gets the highest score concerning that option in expert reviews.


There is a bottom freezer. The convenience of a door ice or water dispenser is not offered in this model, but only a few users expressed the dissatisfaction on that issue. The refrigerator compartment can be preserved if you put the freezer on the bottom, so this option is available in this model. The most commonly used part of the fridge should be the most accessible, at eye level, for example, to minimize reaching and stooping. With the help of pull-out-bins you may organize frozen foods easier, though you may lose the products at the very bottom of the container. Besides, digital controls are offered here as well.

Small but smart. The LG LDC24370ST is less than 33 inches wide and a bit narrower than most side-by-side or French-door fridges, which makes it easier to fit your kitchen. Two main designs such as stainless-steel finish and smooth white are available.

Consumer Reports Kenmore Refrigerators

Kenmore 79432 Review – Consumer Reports

Bottom line
Spacious, efficient, top-freezer 24-cu. ft. Kenmore 79432 fridge is recommended by professionals who tested it and, of course, by usual customers. Such features as an internal water dispenser and internal ice maker are rarely included in top freezer models, but are highly appreciated. Another merit is noiseless operating. The drawback of the model is the temperature control that could be better, though, the majority of users rate it as a good item. The fridge is available mainly in white, but there are also black and stainless versions.
Kenmore 79432

Kenmore 79432 Features
Noisy bells and whistles. The fancy features Kenmore 79432 includes are digital controls and water dispenser, although the former are placed in the refrigerator compartment’s rear area and are difficult to reach in the packed form of the fridge. Spill-proof glass shelves, gallon door bins, a built-in ice maker, a full pantry drawer and humidity-controlled crispers are also included. The majority of users state the refrigerator is quite roomy and bright. Still, the fridge lacks light in the freezer. Another advantage of the item is an ice-maker that is factory-installed, though a few customers complained about a lot of space it takes.

Temperatures are changeable. The company hasn’t yet got any complaints about the temperature drawbacks, though the laboratory tests claim that the Kenmore 79432 has a rather impressive gap with the best refrigerators when talking about rock steady temperature maintaining. The review given to this model refrigerator, but containing stainless steel cabinet (Kenmore 79433) says that the temperature rate is not that impressive, but in general it gives positive recommendations to the fridge. Reviewed.com states that the refrigeration performs quite well, close to ideal, though highlights that the freezer is not acceptable for measuring up.
The higher temperature is not useful for deep freeze, as when the temperature is even higher than desirable the products stored in the freezer for a long term can be subjected to freezer burn. Bells and whistles levels are rated as perfect in one expert review. Customers either agree or leave neutral reviews on the issue, still there were no complaints noticed about this thing. This fridge is not rated as Energy Star, though energy efficiency is proved to be excellent by the expert reviewers. Based on the tests of Review.com, you may be sure that one year of usage of the refrigerator will cost you up to $28.

Ease of use
Another merit is digital control. Another advantage discovered in the Kenmore 79432 is the digital control. Simple and precise settings provide you with an opportunity to work much easier than with the typical analog controls. There is no merit without a little minus: the controls are placed at the top rear in the main refrigerator compartment, so it may be a bit difficult to reach it and set. Besides, the temperature is not displayed – all the same scale used by analog controls.
Reviews say that the sliding boxes move smoothly, creating a lot of space that may be used, regardless of the ice maker or water dispenser that take a lot of room. One negative point noticed: a few customers say the opening door is located too low to the floor and one may hurt his/her toes, as it usually happens.

Kenmore 79432 Design
Hundreds of finish options. White Kenmore 79432, black Kenmore 79439 and stainless steel Kenmore 79433 are offered as the variants of the same model. It is a usual thing for a fridge to have a stainless-steel finish design, though it’s seldom available on models with compact top-door models like these ones. Although extra charge for that cabinet upgrade costs approximately $200. Besides that a few more upscale features are included in this model, such as glass shelves, instead of wire throughout, in particular in the freezer.